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Argonite Alpine

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Radar Argonite Alpine

The Argonite Alpine is a winter specific tyre designed for light commercial applications. This range provides drivers improved performance in all winter conditions and optimises stability, high load carrying capability and durability.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeur
RAGFCN0040185/75R16 104R (26.9")
RAGFCN0027195/65R16 104T (26")
RAGFCN0028195/75R16 110R (27.5")
RAGFCN0029205/65R16 107T (26.5")
RAGFCN0033215/60R17 109T (27.2")
RAGFCN0030215/65R16 109R (27")
RAGFCN0034225/55R17 109T (26.7")
RAGFCN0026235/60R17 117R (28.1")
RAGFCN0031235/65R16 115R (28")
RAGFCN0032235/65R16 121R (28")