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Wildpeak A/T4W

  • 3PMS, All Terrain, All Weather, Winter
  • Warranty: 60k-65k Mile
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Falken Wildpeak A/T4W

From backcountry trails to the open road, the all-new Wildpeak A/T4W is built to help you tackle any terrain. Featuring staggered shoulder blocks, and proprietary 3-ply DURASPEC Sidewall Technology on select sizes, the A/T4W provides all-terrain confidence and rugged durability. Updated Heat Diffuser technology, tread rigidity, and the addition of Heavy Duty (HD) sizes ensure the A/T4W delivers improved towing capability compared to its predecessor. The severe-snow-rated A/T4W was engineered to perform in harsh winter conditions, with full-depth sipes providing traction for the life of the tire. Offering up to a 65,000-mile Limited Tread Life Warranty (60,000-mile for LT sizes) and Road Hazard Protection, Falken’s best just got better. Command any road and every adventure with the Wildpeak A/T4W.



Part NumberSize
FK 28844782215/65R17 99T (28")
FK 28847335LT305/65R18 128R (33.6")
FK 28840385LT305/55R20 125S (33.2")
FK 28847589LT295/70R18 129R (34.3")
FK 28840597LT295/65R20 129S (35.1")
FK 28847596LT295/60R20 126R (33.9")
FK 28844595LT295/55R20 123T (32.8")
FK 28840115LT285/75R18 129S (34.8")
FK 28847839LT285/75R17 117R (33.8")
FK 28840588LT285/75R17 128S (33.8")
FK 28847611LT285/75R16 126R (32.8")
FK 28840692LT285/70R18 117S (33.7")
FK 28840612LT285/70R17 126S (32.7")
FK 28847543LT285/70R17 116R (32.7")
FK 28847594LT285/65R20 127R (34.6")
FK 28840827LT285/65R18 125S (32.6")
FK 28847593LT285/60R20 125R (33.5")
FK 28847157LT285/55R22 124R (34.3")
FK 28844121LT285/55R20 122T (32.3")
FK 28840886LT275/70R18 125S (33.2")
FK 28840722LT275/70R17 114S (32.2")
FK 28840025LT275/65R20 126S (34.1")
FK 28847641LT305/70R16 124R (32.8")
FK 28840803LT275/65R18 123S (32.1")
FK 2884011230x9.50R15LT 104S (30")
FK 28847124LT315/75R16 127R (34.6")
FK 2884755438x13.50R20LT 128R (38")
FK 2884773438x13.50R17LT 127R (38")
FK 2884763237x12.50R22LT 127R (37")
FK 2884755037x12.50R20LT 126R (37")
FK 2884719737x12.50R18LT 128R (37")
FK 2884734137x12.50R17LT 128R (37")
FK 2884750435x12.50R22LT 117R (35")
FK 2884730735x12.50R20LT 125R (35")
FK 2884758035x12.50R18LT 128R (35")
FK 2884728235x12.50R17LT 125R (35")
FK 2884711735x12.50R15LT 113R (35")
FK 2884031035x11.50R20LT 120S (35")
FK 2884026635x11.50R18LT 117S (35")
FK 2884733635x11.50R17LT 118R (35")
FK 2884059833x12.50R20LT 119S (33")
FK 2884711633x12.50R15LT 108R (33")
FK 2884711532x11.50R15LT 113R (32")
FK 28844599LT325/65R18 121T (34.6")
FK 28840125LT325/60R20 126S (35.4")
FK 28847557LT325/50R22 127R (34.8")
FK 2884011431x10.50R15LT 109S (31")
FK 28840144LT315/70R17 113S (34.4")
FK 28840009LT275/60R20 119S (33")
FK 28840008LT275/55R20 115S (31.9")
FK 28840639LT265/75R16 123S (31.6")
FK 28844300265/70R17 115T (31.6")
FK 28844667265/70R16 112T (30.6")
FK 28844823265/65R18 114T (31.6")
FK 28844721265/65R17 116T (30.6")
FK 28844456265/60R20 112T (32.5")
FK 28844854265/60R18 114T (30.5")
FK 28844841255/70R18 113T (32.1")
FK 28844769255/70R17 112T (31.1")
FK 28844657255/70R16 115T (30.1")
FK 28844713255/65R17 114T (30.1")
FK 28844146245/75R16 115T (30.5")
FK 28844747245/70R17 114T (30.5")
FK 28844768245/65R17 111T (29.5")
FK 28844737235/75R17 109T (30.9")
FK 28844108235/75R15 109T (28.9")
FK 28844109235/70R16 109T (29")
FK 28841790235/65R17 104H (29")
FK 28847033235/65R16 121R (28")
FK 28847745225/75R16 121R (29.3")
FK 28844151225/75R15 106T (28.3")
FK 28844775225/65R17 106T (28.5")
FK 28844809265/70R18 116T (32.6")
FK 28844301265/75R16 116T (31.6")
FK 28844021275/55R20 117T (31.9")
FK 28844003275/60R20 115T (33")
FK 28840233LT265/70R18 124S (32.6")
FK 28840712LT265/70R17 123S (31.6")
FK 28847324LT265/65R18 122R (31.6")
FK 28840128LT265/60R20 121S (32.5")
FK 28840034LT255/85R16 112S (33.1")
FK 28840338LT255/80R17 123S (33.1")
FK 28840601LT245/75R17 121S (31.5")
FK 28840628LT245/75R16 120S (30.5")
FK 28840718LT245/70R17 119S (30.5")
FK 28840994LT235/85R16 120S (31.7")
FK 2884733740x13.50R17LT 128R (40")
FK 28847616LT235/80R17 120R (31.8")
FK 28840119LT225/75R16 115S (29.3")
FK 28847017LT215/85R16 115R (30.4")
FK 28847272LT215/75R15 106R (27.7")
FK 28844386305/55R20 116T (33.2")
FK 28844030305/50R20 120T (32")
FK 28840215305/45R22 118S (32.8")
FK 28844888285/65R18 116T (32.6")
FK 28844097285/55R20 114T (32.3")
FK 28844219285/45R22 114T (32.1")
FK 28844901275/65R18 116T (32.1")
FK 28847202LT235/75R15 116R (28.9")
FK 28844913P285/70R17 116T (32.7")