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Ingens A1 Run Flat

  • All Season, Directional, Performance, Run-Flat
Picture of Ingens A1 Run Flat
Stock #:


Part NumberSize
AT 3197195/55R16 87V (24.4")
AT 5041245/45R18 100V (26.7")
AT 5098245/45R18 100W (26.7")
AT 4156225/55R17 101V (26.7")
AT 4140225/50R17 98V (25.9")
AT 4140A225/50R17 98V (25.9")
AT 4154225/45R17 94V (25")
AT 5099225/45R18 95W (26")
AT 5040225/45R18 95V (26")
AT 4218225/45R17 94W (25")
AT 5050225/40R18 92V (25.1")
AT 5104225/40R18 92W (25.1")
AT 4152215/45R17 91V (24.6")
AT 4217215/45R17 91W (24.6")
AT 3216205/55R16 94V (24.9")
AT 4157205/50R17 93V (25.1")
AT 5044245/50R18 100V (27.6")
AT 5093255/45R18 99W (27")